About us

The light is in the center of the reflection of the artist Charly Bounan. It is in the 90’s that the first drafts of his creation were born. Firstly, it is a research around the colorimetry. Sometimes gaudy, aggressive, the first pieces of the young designer appear sensitive and sensual. It is the meeting between the artist and the altuglas which has allowed to explore new techniques. So the light is central. It passes through the work and project a subjectivity which engages only the one who looking at. It is a colour explosion through pure geometrics forms.

It is in 2016, during a travel that the artist elaborates a new collection around another material: the corten. This particular steel echoes to his first loves: the rust, the passage of time, the alterable and the unalterable. Therefore starts a long research of patina, keeping as leitmotiv the essence and the essential.

Both full and slightly, earthy and airy, this new collection match with elegance the mineral transparency to the crude steel.

The minimalism of the form highlights the paradox which exists between the manual, represented by the accomplished work on the corten’s bloc, and the industrial embodied by the altuglas.